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Bomb It 1.0

Bomb It is a free Flash action game where you have to bomb everything
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Bomb It is a free Flash action game where you have to bomb everything.
This game was developed by and can be played online at the author’s website, but you cannot download it from there. distributes this downloadable version free.

In this game, you can play in either one-player mode or two-player mode. The game offers three levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal or Hard. You, and three other computer-controlled companions, will have to reach the central part of the board, unblocking your way by exploding bombs to clear every obstacle. Of course, you will need to keep yourself away from your own exploding bombs, and your companion's bombs, or you will lose a life. You will have to achieve your goal within a certain time limit. Else, the game will be over.
During the game you can grab and use lots of power-ups, that will give you extra lives, make you walk faster, cause bigger explosions, give you protective shields, allow you to throw grenades over walls, place mines, shoot rockets, confuse the enemies, give you more bombs, and freeze the enemy or shot fire.
It is possible to disable the sound and to choose the image quality that better fits your display.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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